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‘Idol’ It-Girl Siobhan Magnus Is Back In Black With New EP

Lyndsey Parker
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While thrilling news continues to thrillngly circulate regarding Siobhan Magnus's solo recording sessions in Nashville, the Season 9 "American Idol" it-girl is wasting no time in getting more music out there, releasing a new EP with her pre-"Idol" band, Lunar Valve. And coming from the "Paint It Black" singer with the Edward Gorey tattoo and love of horror flicks, it should come as no surprise that the music is about as far from typical overproduced, scrubbed-clean "Idol" fare as one could imagine.

The EP's three songs can be heard at Lunar Valve's MySpace page,, but here are some recent videos of Siobhan and the band performing the tunes live:

With nods to the great chick-rock of the '90s--PJ Harvey, Throwing Muses, and of course, Siobhan's idol Courtney Love--and a sonic similarity to new-generation girl-powered rock bands like Warpaint, this is awesome mood music with, of course, plenty of awesomely octave-shattering vocals. Hearing Lunar Valve's new EP only gets me more excited for what Siobhan's solo recordings will sound like.

What do you think of Siobhan's band's new tunes? If you dig 'em, buy 'em at

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