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For weeks now, I've been saying that the whole "Judges' Save" thing is just a gimmick concocted to create drama, and that the judges would probably never even use it, unless there was some upset and a frontrunner like Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey inexplicably ended up in the bottom. It absolutely pained me the way they judges toyed with Scott MacIntyre last week, making it seem like he had a shot at being saved and reducing him to begging for another chance ("I can please you, Simon!"), when all along I was certain that the judges never really seriously considered frittering away their Save on him.

But this week, I was proven wrong. Sure, I (GLOATING ALERT!) correctly predicted the bottom three this week--Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, and Matt Giraud--but I certainly didn't think the Judges' Save would be used on any of them.


Anoop was actually OK this week, instructed by Ryan Seacrest to head back to the couch first, although he didn't even seem happy when Ryan told him the news. (It was like Ryan was just prolonging his agony for another week.) And so it came down to Matt and Lil. Simon, for suspense's sake, hinted that one of the two might be worthy of the elusive and mysterious Judges' Save, and that "it might be a surprise to that person."

Did that mean he'd want to save Lil, despite his cross words for her last night? Or that he'd save Matt, despite Matt's inconsistency all season long and many showings in the bottom three? To be honest, I barely even paid attention to Simon, because, as I said, I totally did not believe that the judges had serious intentions of saving either singer.

Well, it turned out that, as Ryan somewhat over-dramatically worded it, "Idol history has been made!!" Because tonight, the Judges' Save WAS used--on Matt Giraud, who seemed more surprised than anyone, including me. There was of course the usual drama--the judges argued viciously over whether to utilize the Save, and though I'm sure it was all just acting that ought to be recognized by the Emmy committee come voting time, I did get the impression that Simon was out-voted and didn't really want to save Matt. "I don't believe there's any way you can win this competition," Simon snidely drawled to a visibly deflated Giraud, before doing a 180 and saying, "'s good news."

Yeah, that makes sense: Squander the one Judges' Save of the season on someone who has no real shot. I just hope Adam or my girl Allison Iraheta aren't on the chopping block next week, because they, along with the rest of the contestants, will be working without a safety net from now on.

AND two singers will go home next week.

AND next week is Disco Night! Egad!

No wonder Anoop looked so bummed. 

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