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Idol Results: Wow, Didn’t See That Coming!

Lyndsey Parker
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"If you think you know how the competition is gonna turn out, think again," Ryan Seacrest ominously intoned at the beginning of tonight's all-important, pre-finale American Idol results show. And boy, he wasn't kidding.

Ryan also announced that 88 million votes had come in last night (seemingly 87 million of them from me, or at least that is how my poor, sore, Adam-loving dialing fingers felt this morning). Ryan also revealed that only 1 million out of those 88 million votes separated the top two vote-getters, meaning this was going to be one close competition. No one should be assumed a shoo-in, no matter how many Entertainment Weekly cover stories or how much gushingly biased Simon Cowell/Lyndsey Parker praise he (and by "he," I mean "Adam") had received thus far.

Of course, while the results could have been revealed in, oh, 30 seconds or so, tonight's hour-long show was, as usual, frustratingly padded out with Ryan fakeouts ("The votes are in...and we'll tell you later!") and distracting performances (the just-okay Jordin Sparks, probably my least fave Idol winner ever, doing some boring new song, and the just-awesome Katy Perry, doing the far-from-boring "Waking Up In Vegas"; under normal circumstances I would have been delighted to watch the latter, but I was just too antsy and pins-and-needly about the impending results announcement to care). And naturally, there was a lot footage of the three contestants' hometown visits.

Though the hometown footage was overlong, I actually found some of it kind of entertaining. Besides LOLing at that hilarious clip of a truly clueless, half-naked female fan bumrushing Adam Lambert in San Diego (under the foolish assumption that he might actually be interested--his dismissive laugh was priceless), and enjoying an acoustic reprise of Kris Allen's "Falling Slowly," I chuckled when a young local described Danny Gokey as: "He's cute, he has good glasses, and he lives in Milwaukee!" She sounded like my mom trying to fix me up with her friend's geeky son. But I guess that's always been Danny's everyman appeal: He's a boy you can take home to Mom.

I personally just got wistful and dreamt of what might have been when Danny was reunited with his BFF and near-miss fellow auditioner, Jamar Rogers. Oh, how I wish Jamar had made it past Hollywood Week. If he had, it's possible we would all be witnessing an Adam/Jamar finale next Tuesday.

But it turns out it won't even be an Adam/Danny finale!!!

I'm happy about the first part, of course. I'd seriously consider boycotting next week's finale if Adam wasn't there. But I am also VERY happy that the "boy you can take home to Mom" will be going home to his mom for good after tonight.

Yes, readers...KRIS ALLEN TRUMPED DANNY GOKEY TONIGHT. Barring a recount that would allow Allison Iraheta to return next week, this was the best outcome I could haved hoped for.

I freely admit Kris was never my favorite contestant this season--I was in fact shocked that he even made the top 13 at all, or that he survived the week he did that gawd-awful Don Henley cover. And up until last night--or, more specifically, up until his SECOND song last night--I would have never imagined that he had a chance of making it to the top two. But his "Heartless" cover was inspired, such a gabbed-about morning-after watercooler moment that it accomplished the unthinkable and actually upstaged the flamboyant Adam.

While Danny and Adam had been heavily pimped frontrunners all season long--so much so that I'd predicted they'd both make it to the finale back when they were still in the top 36--Kris was always the one who kept surprising me and the rest of America. It was a surprise when he made the top 13, a surprise when he gave that knockout "Ain't No Sunshine" performance, a surprise when he chose to sing the relatively obscure "Falling Slowing" on Movie Night, etc. As a result, America fell slowly for this under-the-radar contestant, and the biggest surprise came tonight when he beat out the seemingly unstoppable, untouchable Danny Gokey.

Had he not made the finale, Kris surely would have still been happy to make it this far (and to get free cheese dip for life at his favorite restaurant in his hometown of Conway, Arkansas, as he learned this week). But after tonight, whether or not he ultimately wins, he has become an underdog success story of Clay Aiken-esque proportions. And this outcome will certainly make for a much more exciting finale next week.

Yep, next week's finale ought to be exciting, all right--not just because Adam and Kris will be there, but because I'll be there! Huzzah! Yes, I've scored me a golden ticket, and I'm going to start working on my "I HEART ADAM" glitterglue cardboard sign as soon as I finish this blog....

Parker out.

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