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Idol Top 9 Results: Megan Sings Her Swan (Or Robin) Song

Lyndsey Parker
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All right, tonight my girl Allison Iraheta was in the bottom three, and since her performance of No Doubt's "Don't Speak" (complete with guitar!) was super-awesome last night and the judges had very little negative commentary to say about her actual vocals, I can only assume that it was her "controversial" dress that did her in.

But I am here to say:  Allison's outfit was not that bad, haters. Please remember that the girl is only SIXTEEN! Yes, I know it's easy to forget how young she is because of her astoundingly mature voice and seemingly seasoned command of the stage, but the girl is a TEENAGER. And what she was wearing last night was completely appropriate for a rocker girl in the 11th grade. Any bittersweet-16 girl buying her junior prom dress at Hot Topic would end up looking how Allison did last night...and she would be the belle of the pop-punk ball. Come on, now, if there's any time in a girl's life when she can get away with a pouffy persimmon-pink party dress and rooster-teased Krazy-Kolor hair dyed to match--along with capri leggings AND white platform shoes--it's at age 16!

And yes, Allison's attire may have been over-the-top, but it was STAGEWEAR, people. A COSTUME. Seriously, look at what Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or even tonight's guest performer Lady GaGa typically wear in concert--not exactly normal street clothes that everyday folk might throw on to run errands or go to the mall, right? So cut Allison some fashion slack, already.

I would say that I wish viewers had just voted this week with their ears, and their hearts, and not with their eyes...but then again, the other girl in the bottom three tonight was the lovely but trainwrecky Megan Caw-Caw-Corkrey. So maybe Americans did vote with their ears, after all.

Anyway, rounding out the bottom three tonight was another obvious contestant, Anoop Desai. He didn't sing terribly last night, but overall he's just been too bi-polar (sleepy adult-contemporary one week, party-hardy New Jack swinger the next) and inconsistent all season long to maintain the fanbase he once enjoyed. Simon Cowell hinted that only one of these bottom three was worthy of a Judges' Save tonight--and I had a feeling he meant Allison. Duh.

Well, it turned out that wouldn't be necessary...because Allison was the first contestant to be sent back to the safety of the sofa this evening! Yay! And off she went, hopefully to fervently consult with an Idol stylist.

So then it was down to Anoop and Megan. My guess was that Megan's beauty and quirky charm would save her for another week, but...I was wrong. Megan was in last place. Finally!

And that Judges' Save really wouldn't be necessary in this case. Simon, to his credit, didn't string Megan along at all, not letting her--or the viewers at home--think for one moment that she had any hope of remaining on the show. So much for suspense, huh?

"When you said that you don't care," Simon coldly began--referring to a flippant remark Megan made to Ryan Seacrest earlier in the episode, which quickly came back to bite her on her perfectly toned tush--"well, nor do we. I'm not going to even pretend that we will consider saving you. This is your swan song."

Or Simon did mean robin song?

So after Megan (who was a good sport) awkwardly arm-wiggled and hip-swiveled her way through a final draggy and dreary performance of "Turn Your TV Volume Down Low" (okay, okay, I mean "Turn Your Lights Down Low"), Ryan cued the requisite retrospective reel...and I suddenly remembered how much I'd liked Megan in the beginning. She had such promise, as the early audition footage readily showed. It's too bad that this competition just wasn't right for a delicate and dippy little flower like Megan. I do think she could have a future in music, if paired with the proper material...but she never had a future on this show. It was definitely Megan's time to go--not Allison's.

So now there are only two girls left in the top 8--Allison, thank gawd, and Lil' Rounds, who if she's smart will drag her cute kids to every future show taping and make them cuddle up adorably to all four judges on cue (especially when her performances are as limp as the ones she's given over the last three weeks). In my dream finale, it would come down to Allison and Adam Lambert, but I have a feeling it's going to be another boy-versus-boy showdown this May, just like last year's famous David/David faceoff. There's sadly just not that much girl power this AmIdol season.

But as a proud rock chick myself, I'm personally pulling for Allison and hope she can represent, no matter what she wears--even if she does make good on her promise to Ryan tonight that she will spike her hair to the high heavens in future episodes. You go, girl!


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