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Idol’s New Full-Frontal Scandal: Should David Hernandez Be Disqualified?

Lyndsey Parker
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Well, after weeks of speculation and rumors, an Associated Press newswire story has reported that, according to his alleged former employer, season 7 Idol contestant David Hernandez once was a private dancer, a dancer for money, at a nude male strip club in Phoenix unsubtly called Dick's Cabaret.

"He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here," the club 's manager, Gordy Bryan, told AP. Gordy also specifically claimed that David used to do the Full Monty and perform lap dances for Dick's Cabaret's "mostly male" customers.

While neither David nor Idol's producers have addressed this issue publicly, the speculation and rumors are now focused on whether or not this revelation will disqualify David from the competition. This remains to be seen, since Idol's past manner of handling contestant scandals has been schizophrenically flip-floppy: Producers kicked off 2003 finalist Frenchie Davis when topless photos of her surfaced online, but allowed Antonella Barba to stay after her racy photos made their way on to the Interweb. And they booted Corey Clark after they learned of his criminal record, but kept on other alleged smooth criminals like Scott Savol.

Therefore, it will be mighty interesting to see how American Idol addresses this David H. issue. Because while the show is supposed to be a family-friendly, apple-pie-eatin' affair, it's a fact in the rock/pop world that if every singer with a shady past was refused a record contract...well, let's face it, there'd probably  be nothing but staticky white noise on the radio.

And besides, being a boy-toy lapdancer still isn't as embarrassing a past as being in Boyz N Girls United. (Snicker...) I personally say keep David H. on, and let America decide whether or not they approve of his "lifestyle."

So, what do you think? Should David Hernandez be eliminated from American Idol? Post your stripped-bare thoughts below.

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