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Introducing, From Sweden…Snake Of Eden!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Last night on the season premiere of Daisy Of Love (the new spinoff-of-a-spinoff dating show starring Rock Of Love 2 sloppy-seconds runner-up Daisy De La Hoya), three of the standout rock 'n' roll bachelors were the Swedish triplets nicknamed '84, '85, and '86 (because of their look-what-the-cat-dragged-in retro fashion sense, of course).

Daisy chose not to pursue a bromance with any of the haystack-haired brothers, mainly because they were a package deal, which admittedly was a little weird. (What, like dating Bret Michaels wasn't weird?) But she also figured that the Swedes were just there to promote their Hollywood hair-metal band, Snake Of Eden, when of course she was there FOR TRUE LOVE.

(Which, um, is of course why Daisy strutted onto the Daisy Of Love set lip-synching her new single, complete with backup dancers and Britney-style headset mic. Because she had nothing to promote and only wanted to find love. Yeah, right.)

Anyway, judging from some Snake Of Eden footage I've dug up on the Interweb, Daisy let these triple-threat platinum rockers go waaaaay too soon. They are pure ratings gold! They even play KEYTAR SOLOS!

Please VH1, please give Snake Of Eden their own Celebreality show: Snake Of Love!


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