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FYI, for those of you not keep track of this sort of stuff because you were watching the presidential debates or An Inconvenient Truth or Meet The Press or whatever: Asia, the winner of last year's Search For The Next Pussycat Doll, bizarrely ended up snubbing Scherzinger and company and decided to go solo instead. (Not sure this was such a hot idea--check out Asia's MySpace page for more on what she's been up to.)

So in light of this, PCD's masterminds, Robyn Antin and Ron Fair, retooled and relaunched their CW Network talent search as Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, a televised open call for members of a new, prefabulous, Antin-helmed girl group bearing a suspicious resemblance to..well, the Pussycat Dolls.

(Hey, Robyn, don'tcha wish your new group was hot like PCD?)

Oh, I kid, I kid. The idea was Girlicious wouldn't be exactly like the Pussycat Dolls. Because Girlicous would be a trio, not a quintet. That's how we'd be able to tell Girlicious and PCD apart. Got it?

So anyway, what ensued was a season featuring 15 hot young mamas cavorting about a Hollywood loft in booty shorts, singing into water bottles, practicing sexed-up dance routines clad in tube socks and little else, catfigting, and receiving Mission: Impossible-style videofeed messages from various members of PCD.

It admittedly made for some pretty good TV, particularly for heterosexual male viewers. But one by one, each of the aspiring Girlicious girls was ordered by Robyn to hang up her boa.

Ultimately it came down to five finalists: talented-but-cantankerous Charlye; talented-but-unconfident Chrystina; talented-but-inexperienced Nichole; talented-but-Charlye-infuriating Tiffanie; and gorgeous-but-not-as-talented Natalie. And tonight, on the show's finale, the three members of Girlicious were revealed.

Or...make that FOUR members. Yes, in the biggest PCD-related surprise since Nicole Scherzinger inexplicably decided to cover Duran Duran's "Rio" for a Caress body wash commerical, Robyn and Ron decided to launch Girlicious as a quartet, not a trio as previously planned.

Uh-oh, this development might make it even harder to tell PCD and Girlicious apart, especially since Natalie looks so much like Nicole Scherzinger. But this tip might make the differentiation easier: Just remember that PCD is the five-piece with the flame-haired, drag queenish member (Girlicious's mannish redhead, Ilisa--who, incidentally, was my fave contestant, just as Kermit is my fave doll--was eliminated weeks ago). There, problem solved. You'll never confuse them again.

So...which of the five finalists hung up their boa for good? You'll just have to watch Girlicious's debut video to find out (but here's a hint: the loser's photo is the one that does NOT appear on this page):

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