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Jackie Tohn To Avenge Her ‘Idol’ Elimination On Kara DioGuardi’s New Show

Lyndsey Parker
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It's been more than two years since Season 8 semifinalist Jackie Tohn was very prematurely booted off "American Idol," sadly taking her calculator watch and sequined fannypack full of good vibes with her. But she has stayed in my heart, and in my consciousness, thanks to her band Powerfox & Ponymane's hilarious YouTube channel, her love song for the You Again soundtrack, her acting role on "Memphis Beat," and the fact that her one live "Idol" performance still exists online, in all its polka-dot-tube-topped glory.

But now...Jackie Tohn will soon be back on my TV!

Yes, it's just been officially announced that Jackie will be a contestant on Bravo's new songwriting competition "Platinum Hit," which will be judged by none other than former "Idol" panelist Kara DioGuardi. Say what you will about the ever-polarizing Kara, but trust me, Jackie is a definite reason to watch this show. Seriously, trust me on this.

Here's an example of Jackie's stellar songwriting skillz:

Check out a quick glimpse of Jackie on "Platinum Hit" around the 40-second mark HERE, and in the meantime, let's hope when Jackie is on the show starting May 30, she offers up plenty of wild and wacky moments, like her duo's recent homage to Kara's "Idol" Season 10 replacement judges:

[photo courtesy of Fox]

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