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How James Durbin is Celebrating Metal Day

Lyndsey Parker
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James Durbin rocks!

"American Idol's" James Durbin proudly represented his fellow righteous rockers during his headbanging Season 10 run, sharing the stage with Judas Priest and Ozzy axeman Zakk Wylde, covering the Heavy Metal movie theme, and belting out Guns N' Roses on tour. So when I got a chance to interview him about his supremely rockin', Mick Mars-assisted (!!!) debut album for Wind-Up Records, Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster, the same week as Metal Day, 11/11/11, I had to ask him if he had any special plans.

You'd think that the guy would be heading to the Sunset Strip to hang out with Nigel Tufnel at the Rainbow. Or something that involves pyro, at least. Instead, it turns out James's mellow Metal Day activities will include tanning, (no "GTL," just the "T"), eating sandwiches, watching VH1 Classic, and recovering the Judas Priest and Hardcore Superstar music that sadly, accidentally got wiped off his iPod. No worries. James still totally rocks. He'll also be rehearsing on Metal Day, and I am sure he and his band will crank  their amps to 11 at some point.

Check out a hilarious, Metal Day-appropriate outtake from my official Durbin interview, which will be up next week! Happy Metal Day, everyone!

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