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James Durbin On The Scene Of The Idol Tour Rehearsals

Lyndsey Parker
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The Idols Live Tour, featuring the top 11 contestants from "American Idol" Season 10, kicks off this week at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah, and over the past couple weeks the Idols have been hard at work in a super-secret Los Angeles bunker rehearsing for the big event. Among them are James Durbin, one of my favorite contestants from this season and a man who's sure to deliver one of the most smoking sets of the entire tour.

Okay, so it won't be literally smoking--sadly, James reveals in his rehearsal-space interview here that there will be no pyro on the tour. James reveals a lot in this two-part chat, actually--from a close-up view of his awesomely hand-decorated guitar, to that whole Skid Row scandal, to his plans after the tour and his many post-"Idol" rock 'n' roll fantasies. His love for metal is apparent, and contagious, and truly a wonder to behold...just look at how his face lights up when he talks about his favorite Swedish bands or dreams of headlining hard rock festivals in Germany.

And when that happens, I just may book myself a plane ticket to Germany, pronto. And there BETTER be pyro! And he better be doing the Skid Row cover he was fooling around with when I visited him at the Idols' rehearsal space.

Give metal a chance and watch James rock this epic interview below:


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