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Jennifer Hudson Gets Punk’d

Lyndsey Parker
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Apparently David Otunga, aka Harvard-educated bachelor "Punk" from I Love New York, is fully over Tiffany Pollard. Because it was just announced today that he is engaged to none other than Jennifer Hudson.

Um, upgrade!

Yes, only about a year ago, Punk was getting his heart broken on basic-cable TV by loudmouthed "Celebreality" D-lister New York. Now he's officially betrothed to an Oscar-winning actress and American Idol alum, a woman who's about to release her major-label debut album AND hit the big screen in The Secret Life Of Bees alongside Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Sophie Okonedo.

Meanwhile, Tiffany has reportedly broken up with I Love New York 2 "winner" Tailor Made. And while she's trying to pursue her own acting career on New York Goes To Hollywood, Oscar trophies and roles in A-list ensemble films still seem a long way off for her.

So congrats to Punk--looks like he got his dreamgirl after all.

And in case you think Punk is the only lucky one here, check out this clip of him bench-pressing 315 pounds. J.Hud's pretty fortunate too:

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