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Jennifer Hudson In Grammy Spotlight!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

She was upagainst some illustrious competition: Raphael Saadiq, Eric Benet, Boyz II Men...eventhe legendary Al Green, who wonderfully performed on the Grammy telecast with JustinTimberlake tonight.

But when Whitney Houston cracked openthat envelope and read the name of the winner for Best R&B Album, the name sheread was...Jennifer Hudson.

I am sovery happy for J.Hud, after all she'sbeen through with the slaying of her family last October, that she can now puta Grammy statuette next to that Oscar on her mantelpiece. And I don't believe she got her Grammy due to sympathy votes,either. She earned it the old-fashioned way: with a great album, period.

I only wishthat Jennifer's late mother, brother, and nephew were here to witness her triumph tonight. I'mkind of surprised Jen didn't mentionthem at length in her acceptance speech (she simply thanked "those in heaven and those who are with me today"), but I suppose she wanted to keep things upbeat.

Anyway, I'm sure her relatives were with her in spirit and knew she was thinking of them on this momentous occasion--just as she was surely thinking of them at the Super Bowl last weekend when she sang the national anthem...

...and just as she was undoubtedly thinking of them later tonight when she returned to the Grammy stage for her emotional (and obviously newly meaningful) performance of "You Pulled Me Through." It was that Grammy moment when Jennifer's tears finally flowed--as they did for countless Grammy TV viewers, myself among them.

Congratulations, Jennifer.

(Readers, feel freeto post your own congratulations to J.Hud on the messageboard below.)


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