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Jennifer Hudson’s Beauty Spot

Lyndsey Parker
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With the exception of Clay Aiken's metamorphosis from spiky-haired, bespectacled pencil-neck to chipmunk-cheeked, makeup-spackled, uncloseted bottle-blonde, the transformation of Jennifer Hudson is perhaps the most gabbed-about contestant makeover in American Idol history.

At first, she was unfortunately overlooked when she appeared in season 3 of the show--her demure clothing, quiet personality, and unflatteringly Justin Guarini-esque hairdo upstaged by flashier competing divas like Fantasia Barrino and LaToya London. Then, when she landed the starmaking role of Effie in the film Dreamgirls, she had to add 20 pounds to her already much-scrutinized figure. But somehow J.Hud still managed to do the impossible--upstage her co-star Beyonce.

And her evolution from AmIdol also-ran to A-list movie star was complete (despite the controversial gold bolero jacket she wore when she accepted her Academy Award, a garment that landed her on many worst-dressed Oscar lists).

Jennifer's appearance is still the subject of much media attention--most recently for what appeared to be her suspiciously slimmer, quite possibly Photopshopped physique on her debut album cover. But there is no denying that Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. So of course, when she got the chance to perform in an "On Location" segment for Yahoo! Music, the location she chose was--what else?--a beauty parlor.

And she totally nailed it, pun intended:

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