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Jes Hudak is a Hit at Yahoo! Music

Lyndsey Parker
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Bravo TV viewers may be familiar with Jes Hudak for her star turn on Kara DioGuardi's songwriting competition "Platinum Hit" (she bucked the odds and placed second), but true reality junkies will also recognize Jes from her earlier appearances on "American Idol" and "Rock Star: INXS," and well as from her dynamic duo Powerfox & Ponymane with equally awesome "Idol" alum (and Yahoo! favorite) Jackie Tohn. The woman is a formidable talent with an impressive résumé on- and offscreen, and frankly, it's kind of bizarre that the doe-eyed songstress has had to work the reality-TV circuit to make inroads in the music business. Why is Jes Hudak not a major superstar with many platinum hits to her credit already?

Never mind all that. "Platinum Hit" has thankfully opened many doors for Jes, and we here at Yahoo! Music were delighted to open our doors for her when she recently came by to perform some of her original songs. And once again, she shined onscreen.

You may recognize "Home For Me (Free)," my personal favorite song from "Platinum Hit," and the finale song "Come Alive." But check out two exclusives too, which Jes wrote after "Platinum Hit" wrapped filming: the downright vitriolic "Dirty Filthy Liar" and "Wasted," which showcase the soft-spoken singer-songwriter's less kind-and-gentle side, revealing a newfound post-"Platinum Hit" confidence and fearlessness.

See Jes rock the Yahoo! mic below:

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