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Jessica Sanchez Debuts Upbeat New Dance-Pop Song

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Jessica performs for iHeartRadio

"American Idol" runner-up Jessica Sanchez performed alongside her Season 11 castmates Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, and Joshua Ledet, as well as with Season 10's Haley Reinhart, at a live-streamed iHeartRadio concert in New York this Wednesday night. And after rather unsurprisingly announcing that she has indeed officially signed with Interscope Records, she then surprisingly premiered a brand-new song, "Fairytale," quite out of the blue.

While the tune isn't quite as urban as the Rihanna/Beyonce-style music that Jessica has repeatedly claimed she wants to record--or as soulful as the amazing Prince cover she performs as one of THE highlights of this year's Idols Live Tour--it's still a great potential single for her. One of my biggest gripes about 16-year-old Jessica during her "Idol" run was her tendency to sing sleepy cabaret-diva ballads that aged her, so I think this radio-friendly, upbeat direction is a very wise move.

The song also uses the world "hella" a lot, which I endorse. Hey, it worked for No Doubt, right?

So why couldn't this have been Jessica's proposed coronation song instead of "Change Nothing"? If it had been, her "Idol" fairytale, so to speak, may have come true.

What do you think of Jessica's new song? Is this the right direction for her? Let me know.

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