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J.Lo & Marc Anthony’s Reality Show Will Go On!

Lyndsey Parker
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Until extremely recently, I had very little interest in watching "¡Q'Viva! The Chosen," the upcoming talent-search reality show helmed by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller. I figured since I didn't find J.Lo's softball critiques or Marc's detailed in-ear-monitor tutorials on "Idol" all that fascinating this year, I had no need to tune in to their own reality venture.

But now that the Lopez-Anthonys have decided to end their seven-year marriage, but have confirmed to via Fuller's XIX Entertainment spokesperson that "they're both committed to '¡Q'Viva!'" (if not to each other), I sure as heck plan to set my DVR now.

The forthcoming series will depict the ex-power couple conducting an international talent search in 21 countries across Latin America with superstar choreographer Jamie King (pictured above). No word yet on whether it will also depict the meltdown of their marriage. But I am sure many viewers, myself included, will be closely scrutinizing any pre-separation footage, already in the can, for signs that their union was in trouble. And since the estranged pair are scheduled to shoot most of the series later this year, we'll all be watching the post-divorce footage for any "War Of The Roses"-style battles.

Interestingly,'s Nikki Finke reports that the drama surrounding J.Lo and Marc's breakup will help line up distributors for the show, which currently doesn't have a confirmed network. I'm sure it will help line up advertisers and viewers, too. I bet TV conspiracy theorists are already assuming this separation announcement is just a publicity stunt for the show, even. I'm sure it's not...but if it is, it's genius.

Are you more likely to watch "¡Q'Viva! The Chosen" more than were before?

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