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Joanie DID Love Chachi!

Lyndsey Parker
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So this week, Scott Baio Is 46 And Pregnant (the second-season sequel to Scott Baio Is 45 And Single, natch) premieres, nicely compensating for the Sunday-night void I'm STILL waiting to be filled by a third season of Breaking Bonaduce. Because when it's Sunday at 10pm and yet another uneventful weekend has come and gone, there's nothing like watching the (genital)warts-and-all chronicle of some emotionally stunted former '70s child star's messy life to make me feel better about my own existence. So thank you, Scott!

Anyway, on season 1's finale, Scott at long last decided to commit to his long-suffering, now-pregnant girlfriend. (Hence this season's clever title.) But before he finally manned up, the artist formerly known as Chachi revealed many juicy tidbits about his playa past to his life coach--most notably that he'd found his first thrill on Blueberry Hill (or, less euphemistically, lost his virginity) with his hottie Happy Days co-star, Eric Moran, aka "Joanie." Which is funny, because the teenaged TV couple's spinoff sitcom, Joanie Loves Chachi, was the highest-rated American program in Korean television history because "chachi" is Korean for "penis." Guess the show was aptly named!

It remains to be seen if Scott Baio Is 46 And Pregnant will be the highest-rated program in VH1 history (it's got some stiff--pun intended--competition from the upcoming Rock Of Love 2 and Flavor Of Love 3). But after watching Scott describe his first teenage tryst with Erin (spoiler alert: it involved corduroy, and a whole lot of chafing), then watching him bittersweetly reunite with Erin last season, it got me pining for simpler televised times. You know, back when two foxy teen idols could wear roach-clipped, feathered hair and Jordache jeans on a show that was supposed to take place in THE FIFTIES and for some reason no one batted an eyelid.

And then I found this video nugget here, and I just had to share. Watch and enjoy:

"When You Look At Me (Love Theme From Joanie Loves Chachi)"


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