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Jordin Sparks’ Supreme Makeover

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

I admit I was pretty harsh when describing Jordin Sparks' line of bargain prom dresses for Wet Seal last year. But I just checked out this fashion video she did for Yahoo! Shine, and I have to say, the girl is lookin' goooooood.

She's slimmed down a bit (while still proud to "not be a size 2"), she's rocking some "life-changing" hair extensions and newly prominent cheekbones, she's bursting with self-confidence...and like a true fashionista, she's learned to mix high-end designers with some H&M (and maybe even Wet Seal) finds.

It's nice to see the youngest American Idol ever blossom into a well-dressed, well-tressed lady right before my eyes:

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