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Josiah Leming’s “One Last Song” is One of His Best

Lyndsey Parker
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As a longtime Leminghead, it has caused me great pain and given me reason to doubt the existence of God that Josiah Leming, one of my all-time favorite American Idols, did not exactly rack up Underwood/Clarkson-esque sales for his one excellent Warner Bros. album, Come On Kid. (Seriously. Go buy it.) Tragically, Josiah has since been dropped by Warner amid staff shake-ups over at the label. But anyone who witnessed him in his car-dwelling Season 7 days knows he's a fighter. So fellow Lemingheads, rejoice: Josiah is back, ready to release a new album on his own.

Josiah's new single from his upcoming LP, "One Last Song," is actually not a new track at all; I first heard it last year, on an early advance copy of Come On Kid, and it immediately became one of my favorite Josiah tunes. (An acoustic version also appeared at the end of the CD, as a secret outro.) For whatever reason, the wistful drinking ballad didn't make the final version of his debut album, so I'm delighted that it's finally getting an independent release now. It sounds just as lovely as I remember...

Hopefully "One Last Song" will be the first of many new songs from Josiah. This kid is legit, and he deserves to be heard.

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