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Josiah Leming’s “Too Young” Is Just Too Awesome

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

It's no secret around these parts that I love me some Josiah Leming, the totally robbed Season 7 "American Idol" contestant whose homeless backstory and frequent Hollywood Week meltdowns earned him tons of screentime--but whose undeniable talent, bizarrely, did not earn him a space in the S7 semifinals. Josiah's snub still ranks among one of the most shocking "Idol" eliminations ever.

However, thankfully for unabashed Lemingheads like myself, Josiah continues to make fantastic music at a brisk pace, as evidenced by his just-released, self-released single, "Too Young." Fans of Leming's early "AI" auditions of Snow Patrol and Mika songs, and of his disarmingly charming faux British accent, will find much to adore here.

And side note: Since when did Josiah become such a heartthrob? This crying teen certainly looks all grown up, not "too young" at all, on his new single's cover art.

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