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Julianne Hough Is Dancing AND Singing With The Stars

Lyndsey Parker
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Usually when a reality TV starlet tries to make it in the pop music world, it's a bad, baadddd idea.

Like, remember when Tiffany "New York" Pollard tried to lend her backup vocals to that ill-fated Little Jackie recording session on New York Goes To Hollywood? Um, that wasn't so successful, was it? And did you ever hear the hip-hop single by season 2 Flavor Of Love "winner" Deelishis? Right, didn't think so. And what about Paris Hilton's one album attempt? That wasn't exactly a Grammy-garnering tour de force--not even her "new BFF" would appreciate that hot audio mess.

But one exception here is Dancing With The Stars hoofer Julianne Hough. It turns out this little fleet-footed filly can actually sing. And this gorgeous, flaxen-haired dancing machine also has enough youthful energy and X-factor charisma to simultaneously compete on DWTS and maintain a flourishing country music career. Really now, is there anything this multi-tasking wonder cannot do? 

Apparently not--because Julianne is back with a new video, "My Hallelujah Song," and it's sure to be another country hit. I fully expect a Hough clothing line, celebrity perfume, fashion doll, and chain of theme restaurants to follow. Julianne is simply unstoppable:

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