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Katharine McPhee Has Her Cake And Eats It Too

Lyndsey Parker
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This month, Katharine McPhee's full-body makeover from girl-next-door to...well, slut-next-door continues apace. Sure, on season 5 of American Idol Kat was all Broadway ballads and Ivory-Girl goodness--but judging from the Pretty Woman boots she models on her spread-eagle album cover, not to mention the "Over It" video in which she writhes like circa-'84 Madonna on a shag carpet, she's seemingly hired Mariah Carey's stylist to refashion her into a heavily hair-extensioned pop tart. Guess Kat is "over" being a goody-goody.

Well, you know what they say: Sex sells. After all, it certainly doesn't seem like the legions of Midwestern and Bible Belt fans who had Katharine's voting number on their speed-dials last year have been put off by the new sex-kitten Kat.

So now the Kat's come back with another hot vid, "Love Story," sporting some very nicely oiled-up, Beyonce-like legs in a gold Tina Turner mini-dress. Oh yeah, and she also swaps spit with a dude in a closet, crawls on all fours on a banquet table, and suggestively eats a birthday cake with her bare hands. Nope, you won't see her former foe Taylor Hicks doing that! (Probably a good thing...)

You know, I have to admit, Mizz McPhee looks so damn good in this clip, it makes me want to hire my own stylist and undergo a sexed-up makeover myself. Seriously, Kat is looking hotter than a hot tin roof here. Leggy Idol also-ran Haley Scarnato ain't got nothin' on this girl.

Check it and see, and get a McPheever of 103:

VIDEO: Katharine McPhee - "Love Story"

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