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Katie Stevens: On The Scene At The Idols’ Tour Rehearsals

Lyndsey Parker
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"American Idol" Season 9 was hyped as a "girls' season" from the beginning, but most of the media focus was on the "quirky girls"--i.e., the coffeehouse raggamuffins with acoustic guitars and funky hair. Holding it down for the old-school-style "Idol" diva types, singlehandedly, was mighty-voiced teen Katie Stevens. In fact, in an earlier "Idol" season, Katie may have been the one to beat, not the one who only made it to eighth place.

On the plus side, young Katie went out on a high note, maturing week to week and singing one of her standout numbers, "Baby, What You Want Me To Do," in her elimination week. And when she returned to sing on the Season 9 finale, she delivered a big, brash, ballsy performance that really surprised viewers. Perhaps Katie Stevens had been voted off too soon, after all.

Katie will get the chance to show viewers what she could have done, if she'd lasted longer on the show, when she goes out on the Idols Live Tour this summer. I recently got the chance to chat with her on the set of the tour's rehearsals, and we talked all about the ups and downs of her "Idol" experience. Watch and enjoy:

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