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Kelly Clarkson Leaks Her Own (Awesome) New Song

Lyndsey Parker
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In the lead-up to original Idol Kelly Clarkson's salivatingly anticipated fifth (yes, FIFTH!) album, Stronger, almost an entire album's worth of multiple unauthorized song leaks have hit the Interweb, much to Kelly's aw-shucks chagrin. So with Stronger's actually release now only 19 days away, she's getting ahead of the game and leaking the album's title track herself.

"Hey ya'll--I heard that some versions of 'What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)' started showing up online. My new album Stronger is out in 3 weeks (Oct 24) and I want you to hear the real thing! Check it out!" Kelly posted this week on WhoSay.

I understand why Kelly couldn't wait till the 24th to share this killer cut with her fans. Because it's awesome. Those who were mildly underwhelmed by the more chilled-out vibe of her sleeper single "Mr. Know It All" willl adore this, because it's classic Clarkson: girl-powered chorus, remix-ready disco beats, and just enough eat-my-dust angst. It's practically "Since U Been Gone 2: Electric Boogaloo."

Oh, Kelly, we've all missed you since you've been gone. Welcome back!

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