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Kelly Clarkson Premieres New Single: Is She Coming Back ‘Stronger’ Than Ever?

Lyndsey Parker
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After months of unauthorized song leakage, an official new single by original Idol Kelly Clarkson--from her upcoming, way-overdue fifth album, Stronger--has fiiiinallly premiered. Kelly in fact introduced the tune herself, via an adorably chatty Livestream broadcast on her website this Tuesday afternoon, just to let us all know it's legit.

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The long-awaited single, "Mr. Know It All," traffics in the same "raining on boys' parades" revenge fantasies that made Kelly's "Never Again," "Walk Away," "Miss Independent," and of course "Since U Been Gone" such fist-pumping, girl-powered fun. Sample lyrics, which earlier appeared on Kelly's website scrawled in her own girlish hand, include: "Mr. Play Your Games/Only got yourself to blame/When you want me back again/But I ain't fallin' back again...Let's be clear, baby/This is goodbye."

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Upon first listen, "Mr. Know It All" admittedly doesn't quite pack the oomph of Kelly's aforementioned empowerment anthems, or even of one of her recent rumored leaks, the angry-grrrl rocker "Let Me Down." Where are the charging guitars; where's the karaoke-ready chorus? However, Kelly stated during her Livestream chat that she made an intentional choice to veer away from her signature sound this time around (we all know when it comes to musical decisions, Kelly likes to shake things up; just ask Clive Davis). And there's no denying that "Mr. Know It All" boasts a dang catchy melody, which really settles into the ol' memory bank by, say, the three-minute mark.

Yes, I can easily imagine hearing this song just about everywhere once it becomes available for download everywhere on September 5: on the Forever 21 and H&M stereo systems at my local mall, over at 24 Hour Fitness, accompanying some breakup-themed Stacey Tookey "So You Think You Can Dance" routine, or on pretty much any CW Network show or Lifetime Movie soundtrack. It may be a bit of a sleeper, but I still think Kelly's got another hit on her hands.

Stronger at long last comes out October 25. Does "Mr. Know It All" get you excited for its release?

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