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Kelly’s Back…And She’s Angry! Rumored New Clarkson Single “Let Me Down” Is No Let-Down

Lyndsey Parker
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Okay, first the bad news: Original Idol Kelly Clarkson's fifth album has been pushed back ANOTHER month, so it's not coming out until October now. The good news? You can hear a decent-quality version of her rumored new single, "Let Me Down," right now! At least until the powers-that-be yank it down, that is.

Upon first listen, "Let Me Down" certainly brings to mind My December's vitriolic breakup single, "Never Again," aka the "You Oughta Know" of the "American Idol" franchise. Bitter and presumably semi-autobiographical "Let Me Down" lyrics like "The funny thing about forever/Is it comes with a side of never never," "I wanna think that you'll be different/Smoke and mirrors are so clever clever," and "I've been dying to open my eyes/See you try instead of always leaving me out to dry" indicate that America's sweetheart is still unlucky in love--or at least still drawing on past romantic injustices for musical inspiration.

But while I may be in the minority, given the disappointing sales of her "difficult" (but wildly underrated) third album My December--Clive Davis surely doesn't agree with me here, at least--I love me some Angry Kelly. After all, some of her most classic singles have been breakup songs--um, "Since U Been Gone," anyone?--and while "Let Me Down" doesn't get quite as peppy and fist-pumpy as that perennial Kelly favorite, it doesn't dive quite so deep into the dark as the bunny-boiling, tire-slashing "Never Again," either--there's a hint of the fizzy pop effervescence of Kelly's last album, All I Ever Wanted, here, thanks to the song's irresistibly anthemic, hot-Pink chorus.

In other words: Kelly's done it again. She'll always be the original Idol, and anyone from Season 10 will be lucky to get a song this awesome.

So, what do you think of "Let Me Down as a possible new Kelly single? And speaking of getting angry...what can be done to push her album release date up to, er, RIGHT NOW? Chime in on the message board below.

[thanks to The Prophet Blog]

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