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Kimberly Caldwell Performs “Without Regret” For Yahoo!

Lyndsey Parker
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Although Kimberly Caldwell competed on "American Idol" waaaay back in Season 2, she's managed to stay in the limelight much more than some recent Idols, thanks to her various hosting gigs for the TV Guide Channel, MTV, VH1, and others. But oddly, she hasn't been seen much doing the one thing that gained her fame in the first place: singing! Until now, that is.

Yes, seven (seven??? really???) long years after placing seventh on "Idol," and a year after her original planned album release date, Kimberly is at long last releasing her full-length debut, Without Regret, on Vanguard Records. But this waiting game has paid off, as the album is undoubtedly much more mature and confident than whatever she would have recorded if she'd been quickly signed and rushed into the studio in 2003, when she was only 22. Hence the album's title, of course.

To celebrate the long-awaited release of Without Regret, Kimberly recently visited Yahoo! to entertain our staff with three acoustic performances from her album. Check it out and see if good things come to Idols who wait!


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