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Kris Allen Hits The Road For “Alright With Me” Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home." Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive." Journey's "Faithfully." Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody." Rock history is filled with iconic on-the-road music videos, in which homesick rockers stare pensively out of rain-streaked tour bus windows, pass out from "exhaustion" on Motel 6 mattresses, engage in backstage prayer circles/pep talks, guzzle whiskey, make sad phone calls to long-suffering rock 'n' roll wives back home, and occasionally sign a groupie's bosom. Well, Kris Allen does none of that in his new road-trip video, "Alright With Me"...but the clip certainly captures a day in the life of the tireless touring Idol in an entertaining enough way to earn it a place among the above-mentioned videos.

Kris has toured almost nonstop since his album came out exactly a year ago, opening for everyone from Lifehouse to Keith Urban to Barenaked Ladies, and his fans have been there rooting him on at every tour stop. So to show his appreciation for those loyal followers, he's made this "thank you" video for his third single--one of the best tracks on his album, and also the first single that he's co-written--culling together his favorite and funniest moments from a year on the road.

Supposedly this is not his "official" video for the song, but really, it ought to be. It's adorable, and besides, what's good enough for Journey is good enough for Kris, right?

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