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Kris Allen Hoops It Up At The NBA Finals

Lyndsey Parker
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Some glass-half-full-viewing Adam Lambert fans argue that it's a blessing in disguise that Adam came in second on American Idol. And I'm beginning to see their point.

Last week, Kris Allen played the big annual Wal-Mart stockholders' meeting, and today he sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" at the NBA finals game. Something tells me both settings were far more suited to Kris's heartland soft-rock than to Adam's glittery, guylinered theatricality...especially the latter scenario, considering that Adam's most (in)famous past rendition of the national anthem took place at Burning Man and was accompanied by a cast of bleating, larger-than-life farm animals:

Yup, maybe Adam really dodged a bullet, after all, by losing.

Anyway, that being said, I must say Kris did a pretty good job handling the national anthem at the NBA game today. It's a very difficult song to sing, but he's had plenty of practice singing unsingable songs lately, since he's been saddled with that challengingly syllable-crammed "No Boundaries" single. (That's another bullet Adam dodged.)

True, Kris didn't exactly showcase a Lambert-esque range during his "Star-Spangled Banner" performance, but so many blowhards have oversung this song with such ridiculous over-the-topness in the past, it was kind of refreshing to hear a toned-down version for once. To quote many an Idol judge, Kris made the song his own:

Nice job, Kris.

But I STILL totally prefer it when Adam proudly belts out my nation's theme song, as he does in his San Diego homecoming Idol episode below. That's what so great about this country of ours: There's room for two, very different Idols, representing very different factions of America. And we can all agree to disagree! And debate on the Reality Rocks messageboards! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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