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Kris Allen: The One-Year Anniversary Interview

Lyndsey Parker
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Last week, on November 17, Season 8 "American Idol" winner Kris Allen--back in his former "Idol"-era home base of L.A. to open for the Lifehouse tour--played live at the Grove for the TV show "Extra." It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the ideal way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Kris's first major-label album release.

Yes, that's right, readers: A whole year. It seems like just the other day, fans were scrambling around online searching for leaked snippets of "Live Like We're Dying" and "Can't Stay Away"...and now Kris is already on his third (and best) single, the infectious, co-penned "Alright With Me." So much has happened in one year, so it was time for me to head over to the Grove and catch up with Mr. Allen. And what better way to do so than while sitting on a balcony and enjoying California's lovely sunny-in-November holiday weather, as some mall Christmas band played in the background to create the perfect party atmosphere and Kris's fellow "Extra" guest Nelly hung out next door? Yep, just another day in the life of an Idol.

As you can see, during our two-part conversation, there was some debate as to whether it was in fact Kris Allen's one-year anniversary. (I won that debate: Indeed it was.) But we talked about plenty of other career-spanning topics: His thank-you "Alright With Me" video for fans, his new single, life on the road, advice for his successor Lee DeWyze, and plans for his follow-up album.

Check out our kick-awesome chat below!


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