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Lady Gaga Presents Nigel Lythgoe with International Emmy Award

Lyndsey Parker
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photo: AP/Henny Ray Abrams

Monday night, Lady Gaga, who gave her first U.S. television performance on "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2008, made a surprise appearance at the International Emmy Awards in New York to  present the Founders Award to "SYTYCD" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who also famously produces "American Idol."

Accepting his award from Gaga for for his contributions to dance and performing arts on television, Nigel almost turned his speech into a celebrity roast as he poked fun at one particular former "Idol" judge, quipping, "Simon Cowell unfortunately can't be here tonight due to injuries from self-inflected love-bites....I now call Simon Lord Voldemort, because he must not be named, because every time I name him, the press says we are enemies, and [we]  are fighting each other. That's not truthful. Simon has no enemies whatsoever in the world, but a lot of friends who hate him."

But there was nothing but love between Nigel and Gaga. Introducing a tribute to Nigel, Gaga declared him "a rare person who crosses cultural boundaries to touch on common humanity" and "my favorite of all the executive producers I have worked with....He always spoke poetically about the pursuit of widening the boundaries of love and acceptance in TV." Nigel, in turn, called Gaga "the most creatively talented woman working in show business right now."

Hopefully this means we'll be seeing more guest-judging and mentoring stints from her on future "Idol" and "SYTYCD" seasons. These two are a perfect match.

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