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Lauren Alaina Opens The Suddeth Family Album For “Like My Mother Does” Video

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Kristy Suddeth, the blonde-bouffanted young mom of "American Idol" runner-up Lauren Alaina (Suddeth), almost became as big a star during "Idol" Season 10 as her daughter did, and she sometimes seemed to be enjoying the "Idol" experience even more than Lauren was. (She has actually been tweeting from the road while chaperoning Lauren on this summer's Idols Live Tour.) One of Lauren's most memorable TV moments, in fact, was when she serenaded her mom in the audience during her finale week performance of her debut single, "Like My Mother Does." So it's only fitting that Mama Suddeth has a prominent role in that song's music video, which is finally out this week.

Following in the tradition of fellow country "Idol" Carrie Underwood's "Mama's Song" video, which starred Carrie's own real-life mom, "Like My Mother Does" also celebrates motherhood. But while Carrie's wedding-themed video came at a juncture in Carrie's life when she was getting married and leaving the nest, the much younger Lauren's video actually celebrates her daughterhood (if that's a word), chronicling the 16-year-old's pre-"Idol" life through a montage of home movies and archival photos. Little Lauren is seen frolicking with her mother throughout, and acting like a tiny Idol-in-training as her proud mama looks on.

The contrast, then, when the video switches to the modern day and we see a glammed-up Lauren in bronzer and Rapunzel hair extensions, is quite remarkable. Lauren may sing that she's starting to look like her mother does, but really, she's starting to just look like a woman. Watching this video is like watching Lauren Alaina grow up before our very eyes.

It's not a particularly flashy or extravagant video, but it's totally appropriate for a girl of her Southern background and of her young age, and the clip made me like the somewhat treacly song more than I did before (and certainly more than when I first heard it, back when Season 7 contestant Kristy Lee Cook recorded it).

Check out the Suddeths' cute video below!

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