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Lauren Alaina Sprains Ankle On American Idol Tour, Keeps On Singing

Lyndsey Parker
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Lauren nearly missed the Season 10 "American Idol" finale when she strained one of her vocal cords and needed 11th-hour medical care, but ever the trooper, she powered through it and kept on singing. And this past Saturday on the Idols Live Tour, the trouble-prone Idol suffered another setback, when she severely sprained her ankle backstage in Portland, Oregon, while trying to navigate a stairwell in high heels. But the show must go on, and it did.

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"I hurt my ankle really bad, and I've been crying for, like, maybe the past 20 minutes," she told the sympathetic Portland crowd after she limped onstage for the second act of the show. "They said it was my turn to sing, so I put on my boots and I came out here to sing anyway!" Keeping with her good attitude, Lauren even joked about her other famous fall during her "Idol" run, when she took a tumble down the stairs of the Idols' mansion during top 13 week and the resulting footage practically became an Internet meme.

Lauren soldiered on in Portland, even wheeling herself out to the meet-and-greet after the concert and getting out of her wheelchair to socialize with waiting fans. But the next day, she tweeted from a taxicab taking her to hospital, then posted a series of Twipics of her swollen ankle and doctor visit. "#getwelllauren" was soon a trending topic on Twitter.

"Good news &. Bad news. It's not broken but I have a third degree sprain and I have a boot and crutches!" she tweeted, along with a photo (see above) of her with an orthopedic boot on her left leg and a pout on her face.

It remains to be seen how Lauren's injury, the type of which normally takes about six weeks to heal, will affect the tour, which features plenty of choreography that all 11 Idols rehearsed for weeks. While Lauren's three solo numbers and one duet shouldn't have to be altered too much, she may not be able to fully participate in her six group numbers.

I just sugggest that "Idol" wardrobe stylist Soyon An make a fabulous pair of rhinestone-encrusted crutches and matching cast-boot for Lauren to rock onstage. Because clearly Lauren is a girl who doesn't let anything stop her from performing.

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