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Lemingheads, Rejoice: Josiah Signs With Warner Bros.!

Lyndsey Parker
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You know how they say that when one door closes, another opens? Well, if there was ever any proof that this saying is true, it's the success story of Josiah Leming.

Yes, the American Idol door hit Josiah firmly on the behind on his way out during Hollywood Week, when he failed to make Idol's top 24. But now--according to a heartening report on's kicked the door at Warner Bros. Records HQ wide open.

Yes, kids: Josiah Leming has reportedly landed a major-label record deal!

Josiah was back in Hollywood recently, playing the Hotel Cafe on March 7, and now it seems he was likely in town (with his newly acquired agent and lawyer) to start wheeling and dealing with Warner. Looks like Josiah's through to Hollywood now, for real. even reports that Josiah, who famously once had to live in his car, just bought his father a new truck to celebrate this good fortune. How cute is that?

Bet Josiah's still crying his eyes out these days, but this time they're tears of joy.

Enjoy this short but sweet clip of Josiah at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe on March 7, and watch this space for more on his upcoming WB album release:

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