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Light Of Doom, Doomed?

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

American Idol's spinoff battle-of-the-bands show, The Next Great American Band, didn't exactly become the watercooler phenomenon that Idol is. I may have been the only person who even watched it. But never mind that. I'm still obsessed with TNGAB's fourth-place finalists, tweenage metal brigade Light Of Doom.

So imagine the sense of impending doom that hit me when this press release from the little headbanging hellions hit my inbox today:




Yes, Erik Griffin and Light of Doom have decided to part ways. Erik was a founding member of the band and he is still are bro. We love Erik and wish him best of luck in the future.

Erik decided that he wanted to play guitar full time and now he is able to do that in his new band. The rest of Light of Doom didn't want a third guitar player so that is why Erik left. Everyone is happy now with how the situation turned out.

Now, more importantly, here's what we're looking for from our next singer (IF YOU DON'T HAVE ALL OF THIS CRITERIA THEN PLEASE DON'T RESPOND):

-Male (We DON'T want to sound like Paramore, Flyleaf, or any other band with a female vocalist--it's nothing against those bands, that's just not our style).

-Between the ages of 13 and 17

-From the north county San Diego area (unless you want to move here at your own expense).

-Aggresive vocal style (Maylene, Old Metallica, Guns n Roses) NO SCREAMING.

-Dominating stage presence (Axl Rose style, we want someone who is totally fearless and can rule the crowd. Our style is aggresive rock and metal. Our new stuff sounds like Maylene meets Guns N' Roses.)

-If you can play guitar, bass, or drums that will help your case but WE ARE LOOKING FOR A SINGER ONLY. WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO PLAY OTHER INSTRUMENTS IN LIGHT OF DOOM.

-If you're not willing to give 100% of yourself at every practice and performance then DON'T RESPOND.

If you're interested send us some links to examples of your previous projects and photos of yourself.

After your info is reviewed an audition will be setup.

Thanks everyone!!



Ugh! How can Light Of Doom ever replace the shampoo-commercial-haired shirtless wonder that is Erik Griffin?

I know this reality-TV tragedy doesn't rank up there with, say, Josiah Leming's elimination from American Idol, but for me personally, this is a seriously doomy bummer.

Too bad LoD don't want a female singer...or I might've gotten me a fake under-18 I.D. and auditioned myself. With my shirt on, of course.

Anyway, I hope LoD find the proper Axl Rose-style, underage male metalhead to fill Erik's boots...hopefully in time to audition for season 2 of The Next Great American Band! If there IS a season 2, that is.

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