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Luke Menard Diagnosed With Cancer

Lyndsey Parker
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I know I took my potshots at McDreamy-lookalike top 24 Idol contender Luke Menard earlier this season--particularly when he got eliminated after his Wham-y of a "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" performance during '80s Week.

But the breaking news of his cancer today put everything in perspective. Some things are obviously more important than a reality-TV talent competition.

Yes, CBS News has confirmed that 29-year-old Luke has Hodgkin lymphoma, according to a rep for his a cappella ensemble Chapter 6, Jane Victor.

"Luke had a lingering cough and was having trouble breathing deeply, so he went to the doctor to have it checked out," Victor told CBS. "The suspicion was walking pneumonia. But after a chest X-ray, doctors saw a mass and did more testing, which is what led to the stage II Hodgkin diagnosis."

Luckily, this disease has one of the highest success rates of treatment for any type of cancer. "[He's] been told that it's treatable and manageable. Luke is currently in Los Angeles and plans to return home to Indiana soon," Jane added. 

While most people's minds this week will be on the two contestants who made it to the season 7 finale, let's not forget what Luke is going through. He has a tougher fight of of him that either David.

Please feel free to post your well-wishes to Luke and the Menard family here.

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