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Lythgoe & Deeley Rooting For ‘Idol’ Over ‘SYTYCD’ At The Emmys?

Lyndsey Parker
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Last Thursday, despite the bittersweet news regarding Ryan and Alexander's eliminations, the mood backstage at "So You Think You Can Dance" was positively celebratory, as that very morning it had been announced that "SYTYCD" was nominated for an incredible eight Emmy Awards, including first-time nods in the Outstanding Reality Competition Program and Outstanding Reality Host categories. "SYTYCD" will go up against "American Idol" in both competitions, which surely must leave Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of both shows, a little torn. But surprisingly, he told reporters backstage that he's rooting for "Idol," the program to which he returned this year after a two-season hiatus.

"You know how I feel, I'm much more passionate about ['SYTYCD'] than 'Idol,' but I want 'Idol' to win the Emmy," Nigel confessed. "For 10 seasons now, everyone on 'Idol' has worked so hard, year in and year out....and every year, we sit there and we hear, and the winner is...'The Amazing Race'! So it would be amazing this year above all, when everything got turned around, to win. But if 'Idol' doesn't win, I want it to be beaten by 'So You Think You Can Dance'!"

Even more surprisingly, Cat Deeley, who is nominated for Outstanding Host for the first time after being snubbed for six seasons, told reporters that she thinks frequently nominated (but perpetually passsed over) "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest should win instead of her.

"I absolutely think Ryan should win one [Emmy] before I do," she said graciously. "['American Idol'] is the biggest TV show on the planet, and he handles himself beautifully. His decorum, he's smart--he makes it look effortless. And I think he deserves it! I haven't been doing it as long, and you have to earn your stripes. So I think Seacrest should get it."

So which show will you be rooting for at the Emmy Awards this September?

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