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Megan Joy: On The Scene At The Idols’ Tour Rehearsals

Lyndsey Parker
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Megan Joy (formerly Megan Corkrey) started off American Idol season 8 as my favorite girl in the competition. From the moment she entered the audition room, I adored everything about her: her effusive spirit, her cool tatts, and of course her jazzy, from-another-era voice. And Simon Cowell seemed to agree with me: He wasn't shy about showering her with praise in the beginning, and when, inexplicably and crushingly, Megan failed to make the top 13 the first time around, he brought her back as a wild card and she thankfully got a spot on the show after all.

But then, Megan seemed to lose her way, and Simon lost all patience with her. (They sparred often, culminating in Megan famously--and kind of awesomely--telling him she "didn't really care" what he thought. Oh, snap!) It soon became clear that a unique and quirky talent like Megan was not suited for a show like Idol...but NOT because she was untalented. Not at all. Even on her off nights, and even after she was somewhat unsurprisingly eliminated, I still believed that, given the right material to work with, Megan could and would be a credible recording artist with a real career. (This quite intelligent MTV article, which Megan and I actually discussed in our interview, further examines why Megan was too much of a free spirit to play the Idol game. It's good stuff, and I'm glad Megan got the chance to read it.)

And I also couldn't help but admire Megan for being responsible for THE most amazing exit in American Idol history: When she let out one final, bizarre "Rockin' Robin" birdcall before flying offstage. That moment still hasn't been erased from my DVR. Caw-caw!

So when I finally got to interview Megan Joy last week at the Idols Live Tour rehearsals, she truly lived up to her surname. It was one of my most delightful conversations of the fact, it even continued off-camera, as we gabbed about the comedic genius of Norman Gentle and how she was tickled to be a Vote For The Worst postergirl, which only further confirmed that she has a great sense of humor and is one of the coolest chicks on the planet. And when I watched the top 10 rehearse "Don't Stop Believin'" together that same day, she actually smiled and waved at me from the stage, which made the already joyous Journey song truly Joyous. I am thrilled that--despite her ups and downs on the show--Megan made it into the top 10, so she'll get the chance to sing that song in front of thousands of people. The tour audiences are in for a treat.

So on-camera, Megan and I talked abut her new post-divorce Idol lease on life; her ambitious plans to record "alternative jazz," a children's album, and positive music to help troubled teenage girls; and of course, THAT unforgettable "caw-caw" moment.

Oh, and spoiler alert: Yes, in our interview she did birdcall mid-sentence! Unprompted! Megan just rules. Here's how our fantastic chat went. Up next...Scott MacIntyre!

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