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Miss Rap Supreme: Is Khia The Next Carly?

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night Miss Rap Supreme debuted on VH1, and I already know it will be viciously battling for precious DVR space with my other favorite shows.

Created by Ego Trip--the geniuses behind last year's televised search for the "next Eminem" called The White Rapper Show (click here to see what that program's instantly obscure winner, $hamrock, has been up to)--Miss Rap Supreme is a TV talent hunt for the next Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Salt and/or Pepa, Yo-Yo, etc. Yo-Yo is in fact one of the Miss Rap Supreme judges, along with The White Rapper Show's host, MC Serch of 3rd Bass.

Well, among the "Femme C's" in the running for the Miss Rap Supreme title is a woman named Khia. Yes, that Khia. The Dirty Southern belle behind the raunchy 2002 hit "My Neck, My Back." If you don't remember Khia's classic filthfest, you're probably more sheltered and clean-living than the nuns that Khia and her competitors auditioned for on last night's show. But just in case you've supressed that memory, here's the song again, albeit in extremely censored form:

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Anyway, it took her six years, but Khia finally attempted to capitalize on the huge success of "My Neck" with a followup single, 2006's "Snatch The Cat Back." As you can see from the public-cable-access production quality of the clip below, "Snatch" wasn't quite as big a hit:

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So now Khia is doing what any downtrodden recording artist with limited options does nowadays: She's hitting the reality-TV circuit. However, just as it seems a little unfair that Carly Hennessy-Smithson, a woman who once had a $2 million major-label recording contact, gets to compete alongside amateurs on American Idol, it doesn't quite seem right that a woman who once sold 800,000 copies of a hit single is rap-battling with REAL unknowns like Miss Rap Supreme's Lady Twist and Miss Cherry.

Then again, unlike Carly, Khia isn't trying to pass herself off as a fresh-off-the-turnip-truck amateur. She's proud of her past accomplishments. But she's not too proud to admit she needs VH1's help snatching her career back.

And if you saw Khia's wack freestyle last night--a performance that allmost got her eliminated--then you know she needs all the help she can get. Check out Khia's near-losing elimination-challenge rap HERE, and tune in to the show on VH1 every Monday to see how long Khia lasts.

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