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Miss Rap Supreme: The Rematch

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Yes, I KNOW that the Miss Rap Supreme finale aired nine days ago.

It's been nine long days since pimpsuited hip-hop lothario Kool Keith serenaded newly crowned MRS pageant winner Rece Steele.

Nine days since Kool Keith appeared in first runner-up Byata's mirror, Snow White-stylee, crooning/ordering her to step off.

Or, as of this writing, more specifically eight days, 12 hours, and 21 minutes ago.

But it's hard to get over this awesome show (or my innocent girl-crush on Byata, or my NOT-so-innocent woman-crush on Bellhop Willy) when VH1 insists on monopolizing my weekend by running a 10-hour Miss Rap Supreme Sunday marathon, MRS co-hostess Yo Yo stops by my office...AND my work shoots a special Mic Pass segment starring the MRS laydeez in all their mic-rockin' glory!

So until season 2 goes into production--or until VH1 runs another Miss Rap Supreme marathon--here's Yahoo!'s new Pepsi Smash Mic Pass video, featuring Rece, Byata, Nicky 2States, D.A.B., Bree, Chiba, and even legendary femcee Yo Yo spitting out some dope sixteens.

(Guess that fraulein Lionezz couldn't make it out from Germany, which is actually fine by me,

though I do wish Lady Twist, Miss Cherry, and even the humiliatingly disqualified Khia had shown up.)

This is not a game, people! But it sure is fun:

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