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Miss Rap Supreme Update: Khia Disqualified

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

As one astute reader posted on the message board for my previous Miss Rap Supreme blog, when already-established hip-hop artist Khia competed against unknown "Femme C's" on the show's season premiere last week, her supposedly spontaneously penned 16-bar rhyme sounded naggingly familiar.

Guess it sounded familiar to the show's host, MC Serch, too. See, he did a little research, confirmed that Khia's rap was indeed lilfted from her previous recording "Respect Me"...and, well, he lost all respect for Khia right then and there. Serch immediately disqualified Khia.

Click HERE to check out a clip of Serch telling Khia to pack her bags and get her neck, her back, and the rest of her body parts out of Miss Rap Supreme's Fembassy Hotel.

In the words of MC Serch...STEP OFF!!

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