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Miss Rap Supreme Winner: Rece Steele Steals It!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

From day one, I had a hunch/hope Brooklyn badass beeyotch Byata would win Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme, VH1's search for the ultimate "femcee." She had the look (Yahoo!'s women's lifestyle section, Shine, even ran a blog dedicated entirely to Byata's style-setting awesomeness), the skills, the whole package.

Byata was something we hadn't seen before. She didn't rhyme about, or oufit herself in, Gucci and Prada. She didn't rap about her private parts (or how men could presumably have easy access to her private parts if they bought her Gucci and Prada). She didn't rap about gang violence or spew profanity every other syllable. She was just FIERCE. She was just her rad self.

But tonight, after watching the two finalists battle-rap for supremacy, Miss Rap Supreme hosts MC Serch and Yo Yo (along with a guest judge who's an expert on the subject of female rappers, pioneering femcee Missy Elliott) told Byata to step off.

This is not a game, people! Byata lost. Oh well.

It was Byata's worthy, if not quite as awesome, opponent Rece Steele who ultimately got to wear that lovely Miss Rap Supreme pageant sash. I still think Byata could have worn the sash with more fashionable flair, but really, it's not like Rece was a bad choice.

Sure, Rece lacked Byata's flygirl style, confidence, or ability to make eye contact with an audience...but she had heart, she had the ability to spit great lyrics, and she had the pedigree, since her moms is none other than early-'90s gangsta rapper L.A. Star.

Let's just hope both of these women--and some of the other standouts from this season, like Miss Cherry, Nicky 2States, and the gone-too-soon Lady Twist--keep making music. Because hip-hop needs more fabulous femcees like these laydeez.

PS: And while where on the subject...whatever happened to Persia from Ego's Trip White Rapper Show, huh?

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