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Mixi Sings Her Redemption Song

Lyndsey Parker
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I'm kind of surprised it took me this long to blog about Fuse's Redemption Song, since I was ridiculously obsessed with it from episode 1. A sort of hybrid of American Idol, Top Model, and Bad Girls' Club, this deliciously sleazy (Chris Jericho-hosted!) show chronicled the lives of "talented but troubled" female singers as they attempted to leave their checkered pasts behind, literally get their acts together, and land a contract with Geffen Records.

Along with the inevitable catfighting and binge-drinking that ensued during Redemption Song's 10 totally addictive (pun intended) episodes, there were many enjoyable interviews with the colorful cast of characters--enjoyable because they were so entertainingly accompanied by helpful and descriptive captions like "Used To Run An Escort Service," "Was Once Engaged To A Girl," "Kicked Out Of Her Band For Stalking The Lead Singer," "Boyfriend Stole Life Savings," "Has More Than 30 Piercings," and my personal favorite, "Once Threw A Girl Through A Window."

So last night on the Redemption Song finale, it came down to Angelica, the "Former Child Actress Who Once Sold Drugs," and Mixi, the "Blackout Drunk" who "Lived Out Of Her Car For Five Months." And much to my delight, lovable Mixi--the most colorful of all the show's colorful characters, and not just because of her Rainbow Brite hairdo--won the record deal over the vocally gifted but intrinsically unlikable Angelica (who, presumably, will soon be "Selling Drugs Yet Again" after her defeat).

Mixi's debut video and single, "I Miss Those Days (Ghost)," was understandably rush-released today, and again to my delight, it's actually really good crunch-pop. She's undergone a bit of a makeunder (the blue-and-white streaks have been toned down so that it no longer looks like a fun-fur tie-dyed raccoon is sleeping on her head, and her sooty eye makeup is less heavy-handedly applied so that, well, she no longer looks like a raccoon). And the song itself is simply a lot better than I'd expect from some basic-cable talent-show winner. It's not a lame "Time Of My Life" power-ballad, nor is it a wannabe-Paramore, Rock Chick 101 retread. Instead, it's refreshingly cute and quirky--just like Mixi herself.

You can watch "I Miss Those Days (Ghost)" below. I actually think this girl might have a real career long after the Redemption Song reunion show goes into reruns.

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