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Move Over, Sanjaya! Ashley’s Got A New Crush

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

We all remember little Ashley Ferl from American Idol season 6, the highly strung fangirl who was driven to tears by the very sound of Sanjaya Malakar's voice. (Although, then again, weren't we all?)

Well, Ashley has once again reared her blonde, tear-streaked head.

Yes, Ashley was back in the Idol audience last night. I'm not sure if she was actually crying...but if she was, it wasn't because Ramiele was wearing yet another pair of horrifyingly unflattering high-waisted shorts. (I do imagine a few stylists were crying over that bad fashion choice, however.)

No, if any tears were shed, they were shed for Ashley's new season 7 crush: Jason Castro.

See, People magazine is reporting that during one of the commercial breaks, when Jason sat down onstage for his interview, the Idol stage manager called out into the audience, "Ashley? Ashley, where are you? Are you crying?"

Apparently this girl has a thing for boys with interesting hair. But I can't blame her this time. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house the night Jason sang "Hallelujah," for instance.

Plus, I dare say I have a little bit of a crush on Jason myself...

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