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Movie Fail: Fantasia Will Lip-Synch In Mahalia Jackson Biopic!

Lyndsey Parker
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Imagine if "So You Think You Can Dance" ballet wunderkind Alex Wong was cast to play Mikhail Baryshnikov in a Mikhail biopic...and then the director hired a stunt double to do all of the dancing scenes! Well, that's pretty much what's happening to Fantasia, who's been cast to play gospel legend Mahalia Jackson in the upcoming film Mahalia!...but will LIP-SYNCH Mahalia's songs, instead of doing her own singing, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The movie's producer, Dave LaCour Simien, recently explained to the newspaper that the decision to have 'Tasia mouth along to 18 remastered Mahalia recordings, rather than belt them out herself, has nothing to do with Fantasia's own vocal talents. "I really wanted to be authentic," he said. "We wanted to make sure if we do it, we do it right."

Hey, I'm all for authenticity, but this decision makes absolutely NO sense. While Fantasia has proven herself as a capable thespian in Broadway's The Color Purple, there are plenty of other, even bigger-name actresses who could have taken on this part if acting prowess was all that was required. What always made Fantasia seem the perfect match for this role of a lifetime was her VOICE. Fantasia is an amazing gospel singer, and hearing her tackle the Mahalia Jackson songbook was something I was very much looking forward to. I'm sure the results would have been extremely "authentic," and Fantasia would have "done it right."

Seriously, if I wanted to see a Barrino lip-synch, I'd go YouTube her brother Teeny, or maybe some old Season 3 cheesy group "Idol" numbers. I want to see this lady SING the blues, for real.

Watch an example gospel performance by Fantasia and tell me if the film's producers are making a big mistake here:

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