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Nashville Star: Coffey Talk

Lyndsey Parker
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Coffey Anderson (first name pronounced "Caw-FAY") is definitely one to watch this season on Nashville Star. First of all, this actor/model/street musician/soul singer is a personality-plus-plus-plus. Second, he's a rare African American in country music, which is much needed. Third, the man can saanng.

And fourth, the guy has already coined THE catchphrase for the season, when he told the judges last night (defending some of his corny-bravado mannerisms): "Everything's better with cheese!"

I agree--I personally like a little cheese mixed in with my Coffey, for flava. Which brings me to these awesomely flava-ful viral videos I just found of this tall, dark, and handsome urban cowboy.

Sure, when Coffey crooned a soulful rendition of Dobie Gray's "Drift Away" last night on the season 6 premiere of Nashville Star, he was great, one of the best of the night. But I appreciate an artist with diversity--and bravery--and any country singer willing to tackle tunes by Rihanna (with an Andre 3000 tribute snippet thrown in!!), Akon, Leona Lewis, and Colbie Caillat is a diverse and brave artist indeed.

I do hope he branches out with some leftfield cover-song selections as the show progresses. Such choices might alienate more closed-minded country purists, but they'll surely secure my vote.

Here are some hot Coffey clips to give you a buzz:

Singing Rihanna's "Umbrella":

Singing Akon's "Locked Up":

Singing Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love":

Singing Colbie Caillat's "Realize":

Will country fans accept an unorthodox artist like Coffey? That remains to be seen, but I think he just might be the man to bridge country with the pop/R&B/hip-hop worlds in a way that Nashville Star judge John Rich's protégé (and host N-Star host), Cowboy Troy, could not.

More cheese, please!

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