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Nashville Star Preview: You CAN Go Home Again

Lyndsey Parker
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This week on Nashville Star, we get to find out which three singers will make it to the August 4th finale.

But before one of them gets sent home for good, all four finalists--Coffey, Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, and Shawn Mayer--get to go home and receive heroes' welcomes in their respective cities. Their homecoming footage will air on this week's show.

Judging from the hometown reactions, it's going to be a close race if all of these fanbases mobilize, organize some local phonebanking programs, etc.

Preview the hometown visits here, and tune in this Monday, July 28, at 9pm on NBC to see which of the four Nashville Star finalists gets eliminated--and goes home permanently, a whole lot sooner than he/she hoped.


Shawn Mayer in May City, Iowa (will she run into her ex?):

Coffey in Los Angeles (not his hometown, per se, but where his daughter is):

Melissa Lawson in Arlington, Texas:

Gabe Garcia in Lytle, Texas:

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