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Nashville Star: Sophie Is Not The People’s Choice

Lyndsey Parker
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Last week on Nashville Star, either Laura or Sophie (sorry, I get those Olsen Twin lookalikes confused all the time--it was the one without braces) rolled her eyes while judge Jewel was critiquing yet another one of the teen duo's cringe-inducingly trainwrecky performances.

In case you missed the eyeroll that made heads roll, here it is again. And again. And again..

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Well, last night, these eyerollers rolled right off the Nashville Star set. Apparently voting viewers weren't too thrilled with Laura & Sophie's bad attitude (or, um, bad singing), and therefore L&S were eliminated.

Actually, the person least thrilled with Laura & Sophie's errant eyeballs was judge John Rich, who spoke to them so sternly last night, I half-expectedly this MuzikMafioso to jump onstage and administer a good ole fashioned spanking, right then and there. The way he blasted the girls made his scolding of the much less culpable Diana Degarmo on Gone Country look like a mushy, fatherly pep talk.

"It's hard for me to even comment on this performance, because I'm so upset about last week, and I think I would like an explanation, as would millions of people that saw what happened last week," he barked. "Why do you think it's OK to roll your eyes and disrespect Jewel on national television?"

Sophie (at least I think it was Sophie) claimed: "Perfectly honest, I didn't even know I was doing it. Someone told me later."

Jewel sarcastically suggested that Sophie had suffered a seizure. Yeah, right. Just like Ashlee Simpson had acid reflux on Saturday Night Live. Seizure my a$$. I didn't see any strobe lights on the NStar set, did you? (Insert my own eyeroll here.)

Anyway, in time--with some singing and etiquette lessons--Laura & Sophie may one day be ready for Nashville stardom. They did turn in a couple good performances this season--"Stand By Your Man" and "PYT"--but these PYTs still have a looooonnng way to go. And right now, for the time being, they're going all the way back to their hometown of Willoughby, Ohio.

So that leaves the top five: Ashlee Hewitt, Gabe Garcia, Melissa Lawson, Coffey, and Shawn Mayer. Last night, Gabe was definitely doing something right on his performance of "Must Be Doin' Something Right," Shawn finally showed some kickass/badass sass on "Before He Cheats," Melissa killed it as usual on "My Baby Loves Me," and Coffey finally stopped showboating and peacocking and acted like (John Rich's words) a "real human being" on his weepy "It's Your Love." So I think the next to go will be Ashlee.

And let this be a warning to whomever makes it into the top four: Remember that the camera is ALWAYS ON. All it takes is one eyeroll or snide remark, even out of context, to earn the public's disfavor...and a one-way ticket straight out of Nashville.

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