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Nashville Star: The Gabe Garcia Finale Interview

Lyndsey Parker
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When I first arrived in Nashville yesterday for the Nashville Star finale taping, I had a hunch that Gabe Garcia was going to win. I figured this car parked in front of my hotel, the Opryland, was some sort of sign:

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But oh well, so much for omens. Because last night at the Acuff Theater, Gabe Garcia came in second, losing out to equally worthy contender Melissa Lawson. However, the Texican from the little town of Lytle may still be the man to bridge the country and Latino markets in a way that John Rich's hapless handpicked Gone Country protégé, Julio Iglesias Jr., could not.

In this backstage interview, caught on camera just an hour or so before the finale taping, Nashville Star judge and Gabe mentor Jewel explained why the timing just may be ideal for Gabe to launch his country career:

And just moments after the finale taping, Gabe--a true gentleman till the very end--met with me and some other enquiring-minded press types to discuss his reaction to the results and his plans for the future. Here's his two-part interview:


Congrats for coming this far, Gabe. I have a feeling you still have a muy caliente career ahead of you.


Click here for behind-the-scenes rehearsal photos

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