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Nashville Star: Third Town’s The Charm

Lyndsey Parker
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A lot of people visiting NBC's website are wondering why there's a giant, Family Feud-style X across the face of a woman with a PERFECT name for a career in country: Charla Corn. The show hasn't even aired yet, and Charla's already been pulled from the competition? What, for Corn's sake, did she do? Were racy, Antonella Barba-esque pics of Charla unearthed on MySpace? Did she pull a Corey Clark and have an affair with John Rich? WHAT???

Well, the truth is a LOT less scandalous--this is Nashville, not Hollywood, after all, and Nashville Star is a family-friendly show. No, the more G-rated story is that Charla just "couldn't cut it." The OFFICIAL story is her vocals were giving out, thus making it impossible for her to compete...but the unofficial, TMZ-disseminated story is that at the last minute, N-Star producers realized Charla was simply out of her depth. Either way, she was sent packing the night before the show started taping, and at the 11th hour--LITERALLY--another alternate contestant was flown in.

Enter ultimate underdogs Third Town, a trio from Las Vegas. As you can see by their little shoutout from the Nashville Star green room, the camera loves these fellas (and hopefully, for their sake, the voters will love 'em too). They're gonna make for some great TV:

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When I caught up with the band in the Acuff Theatre green room the day of the show's premiere pretaping, Third Town were in the middle of their third wind. Having found out only the night before that they were going to be on the show, and having flown in at 2am that morning, and having started rehearsing practically the moment they hopped off the plane, Third Town's Jeff, Tony, and Little Tone were pretty much mainlining coffee at that point. A point of total sleep-deprived delirium that, frankly, made for one wonderfully uncensored, if at times incoherent, interview. Here's Third Town telling their whirlwind story in their own (babbling) words:

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So now that Third Town have dropped everything and put their lives on hold for this one shot at Nashville Stardom, will they be voted off and flown back to Vegas just as quickly? That would be a shame. But I do know that however long Third Town remain on the show, they're going to make the most of their screen time--and look good while doing so. Especially Little Tone, seen here discussing his Danny Noriega-style purple streaks while waiting for Nashville Star's stylists to shape his coif into its more distinctive, Pete Wentz-like configuration:

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So get ready for a hair-raising experience Monday, when Third Town perform for the first--and possibly only--time on Nashville Star.

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